[Dovecot] dovecot sieve plugin

maximatt azamax at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 15:07:31 EET 2010

changing the answer...

Why these stament:

   if body :matches ["text/html"] ["these_is_a_test"] {

gives the followin error when i try to parse them:

      line 4: error: the body test requires 1 positional argument(s), but 2
is/are specified.
      error: validation failed.

i found some examples that considered these a valid sieve stament. :(

thanks in advance!

¿exist some way to extract message body contect to a variable with dovecot
> sieve plugin?  ¿:(?
> it's needed to do something like these:
> if address :matches ["From"] ["*"] {
>        set "sender" "${0}";
>        <extract body content>
>        set :encodeurl "body" "something more    <body content>";
>        notify :message "Test msg from ${sender}" "mailto:
> someone at domain.com?body=${body}";
> }

*Salu2 ;)*

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