[Dovecot] dovecot + sieve

Stephan Bosch stephan at rename-it.nl
Mon Nov 8 15:31:44 EET 2010

Op 8-11-2010 13:27, maximatt wrote:
> In ower mail system we use postfix and dovecot v1.2.10 with sieve plugin and
> i think is work fine but.....
> i need to have access to variables values like in these test script
>       require ["enotify", "variables", "envelope"];
>       keep;
>       notify :importance "1" :message "TEST SIEVE ${from}: ${subject}"
> "mailto:i_not_exist at hotmail.com";
> but when i receive message, the values for "${from}" and "${subject}" are
> empty.
> i don't know the reasons about these (i'm some lost with these issue)..

Where did you get this example? Sieve does not predefine such 
variables.  You'll need additional steps to achieve that. For example:

if header :matches "subject" "*" { set "subject" "${1}" }
if envelope :matches "from" "*" { set "from" "${1}" }

You can also choose to use the From header instead of the envelope.



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