[Dovecot] Expunge -A cannot find users

Kilburn Abrahams kilburna at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 07:00:46 EET 2010

Hi List,

If I use doveadm expunge in this format expunge will delete the email

doveadm expunge -u test at planetseafood.com mailbox Archive ON '8-Nov-2010'

But in this format doveadm expunge -A mailbox Archive ON '8-Nov-2010', 
it will list all the users in the database and display the following and 
no messages are expunged.

  doveadm(test at planetseafood.com@planetseafood.com): Info: User no 
longer exists, skipping.

The iterate_query = SELECT username AS username, domain FROM mailbox 
which is correct for the DB layout.

I am not using the expire plugin. Is this a permissions issue?


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