[Dovecot] Keep a copy of email.

Daniel L. Miller dmiller at amfes.com
Fri Nov 5 21:00:07 EET 2010

On 11/5/2010 11:02 AM, Henrique Fernandes wrote:
> Can dovecot-lda, keep a copy of any email that it receives in a diferente
> folder ?
> Like if user at domain.com get an email. It goes to user at domain.com inbox and
> goes to other folder..diferente that his mailboxes ?
> I want this with all users. Can it be done ?
I would think you could do this via sieve.  Under 2.0, you can define a 
system-wide sieve script that could implement this.  So you'd tell it to 
copy the mail to folder (which would still be within the user's mailbox 
- not sure what this accomplishes for you).
> If not, does any one have any ideia how could it be done ?
> We are having serius problems with backups, with this  we gona be able to at
> least save one or two days of each emails, than rotate them again.
Sounds like you're trying to fix the wrong problem - what's the issue 
with your backups?  I've got an simple script using rsync that copies 
our mail spool nightly - I've got a daily backup for a year's worth.


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