[Dovecot] Best (fastest + most stable) search config...

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Fri Nov 5 15:17:12 EET 2010

> compare.  Unfortunately I don't have a test system available to do all
> the mailbox types.  I can only test mbox on my production system.  That

When you rebuild your server, switch to some kind of virtualisation 
option! Never again will you not have a test architecture or any issue 
in spinning out a quick system to "try something out".  With so many 
quite simple to use options available these days there is really near 
zero reason not to use virtualisation on your next server?

Just to put a stake in the ground - I have had very good success with 
linux-vservers.  These are effectively a kind of chroot on steroids and 
similar to lxc containers, etc.  This type of "virtualisation" is very 
lightweight (and not really a proper virtualisation to be fair) and it's 
extremely straightforward to migrate machines between real hardware, 
copy a machine for testing, backup, etc (takes around 1-3 mins to 
duplicate most of my virtualised machines - some might argue that's 
slow, but it's good enough for me)

I'm sure there are a bunch of reasons you can't use this today, but 
hopefully something to plan ahead for?

Good luck

Ed W

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