[Dovecot] Ongoing performance issues with 2.0.x

Ralf Hildebrandt Ralf.Hildebrandt at charite.de
Fri Nov 5 11:23:03 EET 2010

Due to the ongoing performance issues with 2.0.x I switched back to
1.2.15 yesterday evening, with no changes to the machine or my users.

(I migrated from 1.2.15 to 2.0.x by converting the existing config)

Today, we have MUCH LESS load, with the same number of logins/min.

I cannot say what exactly causes this immense increase in load, but one
observation is that the time spent in system() has now dropped (user and
iowait have stayed contant) to a third of the values I was seeing with

This evening I'll post some graphs showing two comparable 24  hour

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