[Dovecot] SIS Error

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Thu Nov 4 04:13:04 EET 2010

On 4.11.2010, at 2.09, Daniel L. Miller wrote:

> Nov  3 16:08:00 bubba dovecot: imap(dmiller at amfes.com): Error: Attachment file /var/mail/attachments/dc/73/dc7398c85dd02efe8a14fe6cc019b2cf07eec600-d5ca962aaae7d14c587400003bc41c5f size mismatch: 122626 != 165655

What's the file's size? What are the X metadata entries in m.* files about this? What kind of content is inside it (base64 or decoded)?

grep dc7398c85dd02efe8a14fe6cc019b2cf07eec600-d5ca962aaae7d14c587400003bc41c5f mdbox/storage/m.*

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