[Dovecot] Anvil client_limit reached

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Wed Nov 3 13:12:42 EET 2010

On 3.11.2010, at 9.35, Juergen Obermann wrote:

> Nov  3 09:43:33 minerva dovecot: [ID 583609 local0.warning] master: Warning: service(anvil): client_limit reached, client connections are being dropped
> At that time I counted 2030 imap processes from 995 users and 1106 imap-login processes. What can I do to set an appropriate client_limit for anvil?

Well, it's easy to answer the question:

service anvil {
  client_limit = 8000 # or something

But you would probably benefit from not having that many login processes: http://wiki2.dovecot.org/LoginProcess

There are some other weird things going on here though:

> default_client_limit = 3000
> default_process_limit = 300

If the default process limit is 300 and you haven't overridden that (I didn't see service imap-login in your settings), how do you have 1106 imap-login processes?

Also you didn't mention how many pop3-login processes there were. With anvil's client_limit being 3000, this error shouldn't have happened unless there were a total of about 3000 imap/pop3-login processes.

So maybe there are some bugs related to this.. Also I should add a check to startup that it warns if anvil's client_limit is too low.

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