[Dovecot] ***SPAM*** Re: Converting to 2.0 and LMTP have userdb and auth-worker complaints

Maple Thorpe maplethorpe at cox.net
Tue Nov 2 14:23:22 EET 2010

On Tue, 2010-11-02 at 11:26 +0100, Daniel Luttermann wrote:
> Maple Thorpe wrote on 11/02/2010:

> Why do you use "group = postfix and "user = postfix" for the  
> auth-worker? This user needs access to your password and user  
> database. See:
> http://wiki2.dovecot.org/UserIds
> --
> Daniel

Thanks for the pointer.  I have been at the wiki for two days, thought I
had read every page (what seemed like a 100 times), but, somehow missed

Thanks again.

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