[Dovecot] Mailing lists in Dovecot?

Stan Hoeppner stan at hardwarefreak.com
Mon Nov 1 22:01:00 EET 2010

Peter Reinhold put forth on 11/1/2010 1:09 PM:
> Someone wrote (Probably you), and the time was 16:45 01-11-2010
>>> I was wondering if anyone could recommend a simple mailing list
>>> manager that plays well with a Postfix/Dovecot setup, with virtual
>>> domains?
>> depends on what you exactly needs. postfix alone may do the job, or it
>> may not. anyway, post to the postfix-users list with more details.
> I am using a postfix virtual users/domains setup (hosting multiple
> domains with multiple users), with SQL lookup.
> What I need is to be able to define a mailing list on a given domain, so
> that mails received on that one address will be sent to a multiple of
> users, with the sender e-mail changed to be the address of the mailing
> list, so replies are sent straight to the list, and not the original
> sender.
>> Otherwise, mailman isn't hard to setup. and you get the benefits of a
>> "real" list manager.
> I looked at this, does this play well with Dovecot in the above
> mentioned configuration?

You are confused or uneducated.  Mailing list managers have nothing to
do with IMAP or POP3, thus nothing to do with Dovecot, thus your
question isn't relevant.

MLMs work at the SMTP address level, not the mailbox level.  You create
a list, the list address, and add members to the list.  "Members" are
SMTP email addresses.  When you send an email to the list address, the
list is expanded, and Postfix sends the emails, one at a time, to each
member address.  If these addresses point to mailboxes on the local
machine, Postfix will deliver the emails to the mailboxes via whatever
method you have configured (LDA, Maildrop, Procmail, Postfix local, etc).

The handling of the list function is handled entirely by Postfix and the
MLM (such as Mailman or Majordomo).  Dovecot isn't part of the MLM work
flow process.  Dovecot is entirely ignorant of the MLM.


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