[Dovecot] auth child abort - "Requested NTLM scheme, but we have only SSHA256"

LEVAI Daniel leva at ecentrum.hu
Mon Nov 1 11:12:49 EET 2010


I noticed these messages in my logs. It seems that the user checked the
"encrypted password" in her outlook or something, and wants NTLM auth.
I'm storing all the passwords as SSHA256, and when the user tries to
auth, this happens:

=> dovecot.info
auth: Info: password(<username>,<user_ip>): Requested NTLM scheme, but
	we have only SSHA256
auth: Debug: sql(<username>,<user_ip>): query: SELECT username AS user,
	password, home AS userdb_home, uid AS userdb_uid, gid AS userdb_gid,
	userdb_import AS userdb_userdb_import FROM userdb WHERE auth_username =
	'<username>' AND login = 'enabled'

=> dovecot.log
auth: Error: sql(<username>,<user_ip>): Multiple password values not
auth: Panic: file passdb-sql.c: line 113 (sql_query_callback): assertion
	failed: (password == NULL || scheme != NULL)
master: Error: service(auth): child 10679 killed with signal 6 (core not
	dumped - set service auth { drop_priv_before_exec=yes })

Is this an error condition if I store the password in a different scheme
than what user is requesting?


LÉVAI Dániel
PGP key ID = 0x83B63A8F
Key fingerprint = DBEC C66B A47A DFA2 792D  650C C69B BE4C 83B6 3A8F

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