[Dovecot] Differences between IPv4 and IPv6 authentication

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Nov 1 03:54:03 EET 2010

On 31.10.2010, at 19.49, Tony Meyer wrote:

> I have Dovecot listening on both IPv4 and IPv6, and can connect on
> both interfaces, but cannot authenticate over IPv6, using exactly the
> same credentials as IPv4.  I assumed that the same authentication
> mechanisms would be used, regardless of the protocol being used - are
> there differences somewhere?


> ~$ telnet server1.teststable.simplyspamfree.com 143

Try vs ::1

> Any insight would be appreciated, thanks!

Proxy/firewall/antivirus/etc in the middle?

If none of that is helpful, set auth_debug_passwords=yes and see the logs.

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