[Dovecot] Dovecot 1.2.12 + Postfix + virtual domains: delivering to system users

Ran Talbott embed_bucket at cox.net
Fri Dec 31 23:27:32 EET 2010

On Friday 31 December 2010 08:20:48 Simone Caruso wrote:

> For local delivery u don't need dovecot lda, let postfix do it.

I can, but all the Linux users need to be aliased to "xxx at localhost" in the 
Postfix virtual.db.  This isn't a huge problem for me,  since it's unlikely 
we'll be adding new users more than once per year or two (for new IT staff) 
once the system is set up.  But it means system users can't access their mail 
via IMAP,  because the "passdb shadow" is screwing up delivery for all the 
end users.  And it's likely to be a major hassle for other installations.

There's a way around that, of course,  but it wouldn't look good to tell the 
company management "We're settng up this mail system for you e-peons, but the 
IT nobility are getting a separate system of their own"  ;-)


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