[Dovecot] IMAP messages not being marked read

void372 at transientvoid.com void372 at transientvoid.com
Thu Dec 30 15:58:35 EET 2010

> On Sun, 2010-12-26 at 17:38 -0500, void372 at transientvoid.com wrote:
> > I have maildir folders to which mail is delivered using procmail recipes
> > directly to the appropriate dovecot folder. In these folders, I notice
> > that the "cur" directory has a matching number of messages that do not
> > have an "S"
> > flag on the end of the file name. For example:

> What about "doveadm search -u username unseen" - does that find any
> messages?

Yes. It is finding loads of messages right now (472) which matches the total 
number of unseen messages as shown by the mail client.

> >   mail_log_events = delete undelete expunge copy mailbox_delete
> >   mailbox_rename
> > 
> > flag_change append
> I didn't see mail_plugins=mail_log to actually enable this. But if you
> did enable it, you should see flag_change events in logs and you could
> see if flags for some messages change unexpectedly (or never change).

Ah. Super! So, that's why that wasn't working. Setting this and restarting 
dovecot provides the flag_change events as expected. Existing messages that are 
in the cur directory but not marked with the ,S seen flag do not get any 
flag_change logged when viewed by the mail client, but I'm assuming this is 
either because the message is already in the cur directory or because when the 
mail client shows the folder that had unseen messages in the folder list, 
there are none marked unseen so the client doesn't mark as seen?

I'll watch today and see if there are any new messages that don't get marked.


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