[Dovecot] Doveadm search in public namespaces

Thomas Leuxner tlx at leuxner.net
Thu Dec 30 14:25:24 EET 2010

Am 30.12.2010 um 11:41 schrieb Timo Sirainen:

> On Sun, 2010-12-26 at 14:58 +0100, Thomas Leuxner wrote:
>> Say I want to create a script to perform some 'doveadm' tasks. Is there any particular reason why "mailbox-guids" would not work for public namespaces? 
> Fixed: http://hg.dovecot.org/dovecot-2.0/rev/15c32384817b

Did some tests with the fix, not sure it works correct/as expected:

$ time doveadm fetch -u user at domain.tld hdr mailbox Public/Mailing-Lists/Dovecot uid 1039
real    0m0.053s

$ time doveadm fetch -u user at domain.tld hdr mailbox-guid adeffe1c8b7ba64bb3770000a998a2df uid 1039
real    0m0.418s

It takes considerably longer when using 'mailbox-guid' compared to mailbox name, wonder why that is…

I'm also not sure why it would recursively mangle all 'dovecot-uidlist' files within the namespace (it does in a public maildir namespace). This is really dangerous when missing the proper -u parameter. Say you run it as 'root' and it should be run by 'vmail' really, then effectively all 'dovecot-uidlist' files will be owned by the wrong user afterwards… (root vs. vmail).

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