[Dovecot] vpopmail disabled services fix

Calvin calvin at erado.com
Tue Dec 28 01:04:48 EET 2010

I noticed that disabling services using vpopmail was not being recognized by 
dovecot.  Using "vmoduser -swip user at domain.com" should disable all services, 
but both pop and imap logins were still allowed.  After a bit of digging in 
the code and confirming with a few debug lines, it appears that lines 38 and 
52 of src/auth/passdb-vpopmail.c are the issue (dovecot 2.0.8).  These two 
lines do a strcmp on request->service.  It appears that request->service is in 
lower case, but the comparison values are in upper case.  Either updating the 
values to lowercase or using strcasecmp should fix the issue.

Scanned on 27 Dec 2010 23:05:02
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