[Dovecot] Can dovecot+solr search on attachments?

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Tue Dec 28 11:46:16 EET 2010

On 28.12.2010, at 11.30, Antonio Perez-Aranda wrote:

> But ¿Does Dovecot sent all content of a message to Solr? ¿Are
> Attachment Included?
> Then, it's possible to allow indexing and return results on search
> only with some changes on Solr Scheme.

If you modify fts_backend_default_can_index() to always return TRUE, it'll index everything. But are you talking about Solr actually being able to somehow figure out that there's a word document coming and index only its plaintext? If it can do that, I'd think it would require that the word document is sent as its own separate Solr document, but Dovecot just sends it in the middle of other message text.

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