[Dovecot] Dovecot Quota plugin as Couier quota

Antonio Perez-Aranda aperezaranda at yaco.es
Mon Dec 27 13:08:53 EET 2010

I get a similar behavior between dovecot quota plugin and courier
quota with the attached patch.

When the client change flags, then is forced to recalc. This is
because I don't know how to get the changed flags on quota sync

The courier quota behavior is avoid to count all deleted mails,
include "mark as deleted" mails.

Antonio Pérez-Aranda Alcaide
aperezaranda at yaco.es

Yaco Sistemas S.L.
C/ Rioja 5, 41001 Sevilla
Teléfono +34 954 50 00 57
Fax      +34 954 50 09 29
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