[Dovecot] namespaces and noselect

Kyle Wheeler kyle-dovecot at memoryhole.net
Sun Dec 26 22:40:19 EET 2010


I am trying to use two namespaces to create an "archival" directory 
that is stored as mboxes (the rest of my tree is all stored as 
maildirs). However, when I add the second namespace, suddenly Dovecot 
starts emitting, in response to the LIST command, a second version of 
the INBOX that is marked as \NoSelect. Here are my namespac 
definitions... am I doing this wrong?

namespace {
   list = yes
   hidden = no
   inbox = yes
   location = maildir:~/Maildir
   prefix =
   separator = /
   type = private
namespace {
   hidden = yes # do not list as a separate namespace
   list = no #
   inbox = no
   location = mbox:~/Maildir/Archive:LAYOUT=fs:INDEX=~/Maildir/ArchiveIndexes/
   prefix = INBOX/Archive/
   separator = /
   type = private

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