[Dovecot] sdbox to mdbox

Daniel Luttermann daniel at dlutt.de
Fri Dec 24 14:01:46 EET 2010

Joan Moreau wrote on 12/24/2010:

> Thanks for the link, but the page is not really speaking about the
> matter. 

> I clarify my question: 

> How to convert a "sdbox" system (in
> production) to "mdbox" without loosing any email ? 

you can use this command for example (without loosing emails):

dsync -o mail_location=sdbox:/path_to_old_mailbox/sdbox mirror mdbox:/path_to_new_mailbox/mdbox

You can stop Dovecot, convert your emails, change the Dovecot
configuration to mdbox (instead of sdbox) and restart Dovecot.

Maybe you could also use a script which runs after the user login. See


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