[Dovecot] trying to make cmusieve happen globally

Stephan Bosch stephan at rename-it.nl
Wed Dec 22 20:12:33 EET 2010

Op 22-12-2010 17:46, Anton Dollmaier schreef:
> Hi,
>> plugin {
>>          sieve_global_path = /etc/dovecot/sieve-global.d/spam.sieve
> Use "sieve_before", which is not documented in the wiki.

Eh.. no. CMUSieve does not have multiscript support, so sieve_before is 
not available.

> Only this way the sievescript really gets executed.

The global default is not executed when the user has a script of his 
own, otherwise it is executed.

> The global path requires a sieve script per home directory, including 
> the global file.

You are confusing the sieve_global_dir and sieve_global_path settings. 
The first is used by include, the latter specifies the default script 
executed when the user has none. Maybe these settings should be named 
differently, probably naming the latter sieve_default.



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