[Dovecot] Reverting from 2.0. to 1.2

Thomas Hummel hummel at pasteur.fr
Wed Dec 22 17:13:20 EET 2010

Hello Timo,

I switched this morning  from dovecot-1.2.12 to 2.0.8 with a basic setup (high
performance login mode, Maildir, everyhing on NFS, one shared but unused

No problem so far except that some Thunderbird users who wouldn't succeed in
moving messages from some one folder to another. They'd get a message about
some illegal character in the mailboxname (already existing mailbox of course).
This is user input so I don't have any details nor sufficient element to
consider it a real problem. A Thunderbird restart seems to solve the problem.

My questions were :

  . is there a different handling in the hierarchy separator (internal or
    advertized for the namespace) ? (I use "/" for both namespaces and "." since in

  . is there a different handling in the non-ASCII mailbox names ? Could it be related ?

  . if something goes really wrong, is it safe to revert to 1.2.12 ? Maybe some
    files has non-compatible format (dovecot-uidlist, indexes, ...) ?


Thomas Hummel 	    | Institut Pasteur
<hummel at pasteur.fr> | Pôle informatique - systèmes et réseau

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