[Dovecot] Maildir and Solaris UFS acls

Tom Lieuallen toml at engr.orst.edu
Tue Dec 21 01:42:15 EET 2010

I have a centrally located shared imap folder location.  We have several 
maildir folders with different file system permissions.  They are for 
several groups of people who are loosely related for support purposes.

All mail gets delivered to queue1 just fine.  The files are group 
writable by group1.  Some of the mail gets moved via imap to queue2. 
Queue2's maildir tree is configured with Solaris UFS acls such that any 
new files are read/write by group1 or group2.  If a new file is created 
within queue2 anywhere, it has the correct permissions.

However, if a message is moved from queue1 to queue2, it retains the 
permissions that it had within queue1.  This is what happens if I use 
'mv' within the file system, btw.

Is there any way to configure dovecot such that if a person moves or 
copies a message to another imap folder, it creates a new file instead 
of doing a link or mv or whatever?  If not, no problem; I was just 
hoping for an elegant solution to my particular problem. :-)

queue1 - read/write by group1

queue2 - read/write by group1 & group2 through solaris ACLs

BTW, if any file whatsoever in queue2 is not readable by group2, those 
in group2 cannot read _anything_ in queue2.


Tom Lieuallen

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