[Dovecot] stat(/..../Maildir/cur) failed: No such file or directory

Holger Mauermann holger at mauermann.org
Sun Dec 19 12:54:44 EET 2010

Am 19.12.2010 08:02, schrieb Lystopad Olexandr:
> ...
> mail_location = maildir:~/Maildir
> ...
> user_query = SELECT homedir as home, uid, gid, maildir as mail FROM accounts WHERE login = '%u';
> ...
> Dec 19 08:50:05 server dovecot: lda: Debug: auth input: 3mail at somedomain.priv home=/d/mail/somedomain.priv/3mail uid=26 gid=26 mail=/d/mail/somedomain.priv/3mail/Maildir

Have you tried

  SELECT homedir as home, uid, gid FROM accounts WHERE login = '%u'

in your user_query? If mail_location is the same for all users you don't
need to override it with "SELECT ... maildir as mail...". But if you do
you have to prefix it with the mailbox format.


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