[Dovecot] Problem with expunge

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sat Dec 18 02:19:40 EET 2010

On 17.12.2010, at 21.15, Jeff Mitchell wrote:

> However, today I was testing converting some maildirs over to sdbox,
> and noticed odd behavior: it's deleting all messages in the specified
> folder instead of just the ones matching the condition I'm using
> ("savedbefore 4w").
> Because of the conversion, all of the ctimes for all of the files are
> actually the same (basically, a few minutes ago),

dbox doesn't use ctime, but a "saved-date" metadata header. I suppose that header got set wrong in the conversion for some reason (maybe to 0 = year 1970?). You did conversion with dsync, right? I can debug this some day later..

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