[Dovecot] users's mailboxes = mbox , shared mailboxes = maildir ... is it possible ?

Oliver Eales jester at arcor.de
Thu Dec 16 15:34:46 EET 2010

Am 16.12.2010 13:49, schrieb Frank Bonnet:
> Hello
> As I would like to setup some shared mailboxes, is it possible to have
> MBOX format for normal users ( UNIX NIS users ) and Maildir format
> for shared mailboxes to gain access to the per-user \Seen flag
> Or do I have to convert ALL my server to Maildir format ?

This should be possible with namespace type=shared and an explicit 
There is an example at:
http://wiki2.dovecot.org/Namespaces ( Mixed mbox and Maildir section)


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