[Dovecot] Question about "slow" storage but fast cpus, plenty of ram and dovecot

javierdemiguel at us.es javierdemiguel at us.es
Fri Dec 10 22:44:52 EET 2010


 We are using dovecot 1.2.x. In our setup we will have 1200
concurrent imap users (maildirs) and we have 2xraid5 sas 15k diks
mounted by iSCSI. The dovecot server (RHEL 5 x64) is 

a virtual machine
in our vmware esx cluster. We want to minimize disk I/O, what config
options should we use. We can "exchange" CPU & RAM to minimize disk i/o.

 Should we change to dovecot 2.0? Maybe mdbox can help us? Maybe ext4
instead of ext3? Any idea is welcome. 




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