[Dovecot] Delay email!

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Fri Dec 10 02:42:58 EET 2010

On 9.12.2010, at 23.31, Henrique Fernandes wrote:

> We are thinking is use sdbox but we have to be a lot of sure that will help
> a LOT  other wise we gona be "stick"  to dovecot for no big reason!

You can always use dsync to migrate between different mailbox formats. You could also for example switch only some users to sdbox and keep others in Maildir to see if the performance improves.

> Other time i saw some one using indexes in local disk. This should help ? i
> mean, we would have 2 index one in each server that have imap and pop, so
> each tim eindex would have to be written each time it logins on each server
> right ? this would not gain lot os performance right ?

Difficult to say.

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