[Dovecot] load increase after upgrade to 2.0.8

Stan Hoeppner stan at hardwarefreak.com
Thu Dec 9 00:35:15 EET 2010

Cor Bosman put forth on 12/8/2010 9:45 AM:
>> It could be that you both are running a different Kernel from the Standard Lenny Kernel  2.6.26..... (this could be a clue ..)
> It would be interesting to hear from people that aren't seeing a big load increase.  My initial guess was some kind of NFS problem, but since Ralf isn't doing NFS, that's probably not it. 
> Our CPUs are actually pretty much idle (these are 8 and 16 core machines). And memory is plentiful.  

Cor, Ralf is running his Dovecot servers as VMware ESX guests.  Are you
running your servers in a VM environment, or on bare metal?

I'm guessing the common thread WRT this load problem is going to be
relatively busy Dovecot servers running in virtual machine environments.


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