[Dovecot] mail.err

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Wed Dec 8 19:23:18 EET 2010

On 2010-12-08 8:54 AM, Jamie Paul Griffin wrote:
>> The point is if you continue using the shotgun approach, you will
>> quickly wear out your welcome and any good will others may be
>> predisposed to provide.

> I'm well aware of what the point is - i think it's ok to give people
> the benefit of the doubt when they are new and trying to work things.
> Being nice and friendly never hurt anyone did it.

Of course not, I didn't say it did.

This is irrelevant though. People should always be encouraged to do
things the right way, and cross-posting the same Off-Topic question to
multiple support lists - especially high volume lists like the postfix
(and sometimes the dovecot) list(s) is not a very nice thing to do -
some would call it lazy and/or arrogant.

>> Also - please do not delete - or please properly configure your mail
>> reader to add - the attribution line (who said what when) when replying
>> to posts.

> I delete it because I don't see the need to have it there

You haven't thought things through. The need is to prevent thread
participants from confusing who said what when multiple people are
participating - which is precisely what happened here (I confused you
with the OP).

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