[Dovecot] imap/pop proxy and filter

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Tue Dec 7 22:47:40 EET 2010

On 7.12.2010, at 20.42, Mike Korizek wrote:

>>> I use dovecot as imap/pop proxy.
>>> Is it possible to filter the messages before they get delivered to the
>>> client?
>> For now if you wanted to do something like this, you'd need to figure out something more complex.
> What do you mean by this, something more complex?
> E.g. Do I need to set a hook into the source code? If so, please can you
> point me to the right place?
> Any other hint is very much appreciated.

No, there's no way to do anything like this with Dovecot proxy. I meant maybe you could use fetchmail or imapsync or something similar to get the mails to your local server. A two-way sync isn't easy though. I don't have any good suggestions to do what you want.

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