[Dovecot] Patch: 2.0 support for URLAUTH, BURL, CATENATE

Mike Abbott michael.abbott at apple.com
Mon Dec 6 19:32:46 EET 2010

> It just seems to want to know if the current user is anonymous or not.
> http://hg.dovecot.org/dovecot-2.0/rev/c41ba33b8e16

OK, this looks plausible.

> Something similar could be done about submit_user too. Instead of
> sending "submit_user=x", send both "master_user=x" and "submit".

We chose not to overload master_user=x in this way so that code/plugins that check master_user without knowing about or checking the submit flag don't behave incorrectly.  Accidentally granting a mere submit user all of a master user's powers would be unsafe.

We will be pleased to see these features added to 2.1.

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