[Dovecot] Dovecot v2.1 plans

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Dec 6 07:00:27 EET 2010

Now that v2.0 seems to be getting stable, I finally started v2.1 branch:

So far there are just some API changes to fix some annoyances and to
make it simpler. They'll probably keep coming for a while more to make
future work easier.

As for larger upcoming features, I'm hoping for:

 - simplify index files and make it write only via lib-fs (but keep
backwards compatibility & make v2.0 forwards compatible)
 - make lib-storage API support asynchronous and support parallel
 - use async disk io as much as possible & get rid of all lock waits
inside lib-storage -> it'll be ok to have lots of imap/pop3 connections
per process, at least for some storage backends
 - write imap-client lib-storage backend (make it fast using above async
stuff - using configurable number of IMAP connections)
    - this could maybe also be used to access other users' shared
mailboxes when it can't be done directly
 - design a mailbox format (maybe based on dbox) for key-value
databases, implement it via lib-fs and implement a lib-fs backend for
one such database
 - merge Apple's CATENATE and URLAUTH patch

But if some company desperately wants me to work on other stuff, that
list can change.

BTW. I'm moving back to Finland in two weeks. Maybe I'll also get some
studying done towards my Master's degree. :)

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