[Dovecot] Debian Dovecot Repo and Lenny

Stephan Jauernick stephan at stejau.de
Fri Dec 3 20:45:25 EET 2010


Ye i know :)

But that wont help me since the two salts are still different.
What i ment is to have doveadm pw able to verify if a externaly supplied
pw matches the selected Algo and the Hash that was give in.

Am 03.12.2010 19:34, schrieb Pascal Volk:
> On 12/03/2010 07:00 PM Stephan Jauernick wrote:
>>>> It's not able to verify it atm when i use some salted algo(It runs
>> doveadm pw again to generate a hash out of the pw the user entered on
>> login and compares it) because as Salted implies the same input pw
>> doesnt generate the same output on second run of doveadm pw. So would it
>> maybe be possible to make a sort of verify mode that takes a pw hash and
>> a plain text pw and compares them?
> Doveadm can verify the 'hashed' password internally. See the -V option:
> http://wiki2.dovecot.org/Tools/Doveadm/Pw#section_options
> Regards,
> Pascal

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