[Dovecot] Dovecot 1.2.16 compiling error

Tom Talpey tmtalpey at gmail.com
Fri Dec 3 18:49:59 EET 2010

On 12/3/2010 11:23 AM, Mart Pirita wrote:
> Tom Talpey kirjutas:
>> I built 1.2.16 against openssl-0.9.8p just last week; it linked
>> and is running fine for me. Have you tried any version after 0.9.8l?
> Tested with openssl-0.9.8m, 0.9.8q, 1.0.0a, 1.0.0c, config options are
> simple:
> ./config --prefix=/usr/local/openssl &&

I assume that you re-ran configure in dovecot-1.2.16 and verified that
it actually picked up the openssl libs from /usr/local afterwards?
Beyond that, I guess I don't have a further suggestion.

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