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Benedetto Vassallo vassallo at unipa.it
Thu Dec 2 17:23:39 EET 2010

Hello to all,
I am setting up a mail server using sendmail and dovecot 2.0.7 with  
maildir storage.
I want to use dovecot lmtp as local mail delivery agent becouse when I  
send a message to multiple recipients it deliver the message to all  
recipients with hard links instead of store n copies of the message.
The only think I can't set up is make dovecot-lmtp reading the  
.forward file in the user's home directory.
I think I am missing something, becouse dovecot-lda read that file but  
don't do hard links when deliver the mail.
What I am missing?
Thank you
Benedetto Vassallo
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Università degli studi di Palermo

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