[Dovecot] how do I fix this

donovan jeffrey j donovan at beth.k12.pa.us
Thu Dec 2 15:55:32 EET 2010


yesterday i was resetting an account from a script. and the user was deleted an re-added. subsequently the user now has two dovecot directories. One is active and working, accepting mail, and the other sits with all previous messages.
is there anyway to merge these two buggers ?

mail:dovecot root# ls -la | grep jsmith
drwx------   16 jsmith          mail     544 Dec  2 08:39 330CE746-6F8D-4708-8877-A97FAFB9AADD
drwx------   20 jsmith          mail     680 Dec  1 10:17 9EE12CA8-CC7B-4889-ABBA-525E5D522831

thanks for any info

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