[Dovecot] All messages in double in a virtual mailbox.

François-Xavier Payet fx.payet at tfdn.org
Thu Dec 2 10:08:33 EET 2010

 I thought the  '!Mailbox' was only to specify where the mail would be 
 saved, but not that the mailbox would be included, sorry for my 

 Your solution solved everything, thanks a lot.

 François-Xavier Payet

 On Thu, 2 Dec 2010 06:42:33 +0000, Timo Sirainen wrote:

> On 1.12.2010, at 21.15, François-Xavier Payet wrote:
>> Hello, I've got some virtual maiboxes that are configured as follows 
>> :
>> !RealMail.Sent RealMail.Sent all In all those mailboxes, all the
>> messages appears in double. I don't think it's the expected 
>> behaviour,
>> but I perhaps missed something.
> !RealMail.Sent that already includes that mailbox. So when you give 
> it
> again without '!' it gets duplicated.

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