[Dovecot] How to rebuild index?

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Fri Jul 3 23:45:10 EEST 2009

On Jul 3, 2009, at 4:21 PM, Max Ivanov wrote:

> I've deleted some mails using my handmade tool, it deletes some files
> in "cur" subdir, but deleted messages are still appear in thunderbird.
> I believe that's because of stale index file.

That shouldn't happen. Dovecot should notice that cur/'s mtime has  
changed and update the index.

> Is it safe to delete
> dovect.index? Or what else should I delete/modify to make TB view in
> sync with real state of filesystem?

If deletion helps, try if "touch cur" helps too.

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