[Dovecot] Symlink shared mailboxes and system_user extra field

Thomas Hummel hummel at pasteur.fr
Tue Jan 27 15:23:38 EET 2009

On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 09:51:51AM +0100, Thomas Hummel wrote:

> I'm trying to set up, as explained in the wiki, shared mailboxes with symlink.

Ok, I'm trying with namespaces and ACL now (it will be cleaner anyway than
symlinks) but I'm still missing something :

I'm still running dovecot-1.1.8 with LDAP pass/userdb. 

- The Maildir layout for the private namespace goes like this :
   /courriel/boites/foobar : Maildir of user foobar (nfs)
   /courriel/meta/foobar : control files of user foobar (nfs)
   /var/dovecot/indexes/f/foobar : indexes for user foobar (locally stored)

- In the Public/ namespace :

  /courriel/boites/public/.box/ is the Maildir I want to share

-  I created the unix and LDAP group doveshared, so /etc/group holds :
-  The permissions on the Maildir I want to share seem ok for that group :  
     drwxrwx---  3 root  doveshared  4096 Jan 26 18:58 /courriel/boites/public
     drwxrwx---  5 root  doveshared  4096 Jan 26 18:58 /courriel/boites/public/.box

- I made the userdb (prefetch) return the system_user and acl_groups extra
  fields [temporary hijacking 2 unused LDAP attributes (shadowMax and title)] :

  pass_attrs = uid=user,userPassword=password,homeDirectory=userdb_home,,,uidNumber=userdb_uid,gidNumber=userdb_gid,shadowMax=userdb_system_user,title=userdb_acl_groups

- the title LDAP attributes holds a comma separated list of groups, one beeing the doveshared group :

  title: xxx,doveshared

- the maildir I want to share holds 2 files :

  -rwxrwx---  1 root  doveshared    28 Jan 27 11:35 dovecot-acl
  -rwxrwx---  1 root  doveshared     0 Jan 26 18:25 dovecot-shared

  with dovecot-acl holding :

  group=doveshared lrwstiekxa

Here are the relevant part of my dovecot.conf :

namespace public {
  separator = /
  prefix = Public/
  location = maildir:/courriel/boites/public/.box
  inbox = no
  hidden = no
  list = yes
  subscriptions = yes

That setup doesn't seem to work (I just see the Public folder in the
Thunderbird subscrition list but that'all).

I have several questions :

1) is the namespace prefix case sensitive (i.e. does the unix corresponding directory have to match
its case ? It seems to me it isn't.

2) is the way I return userdb (which is prefetch) system_user and acl_groups correct ? 

3) is my location correct (it points to the maildir itself instead of the "public" directory) ?

4) what did I miss :

  opendir(/courriel/boites/public/.box) failed: Permission denied


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<hummel at pasteur.fr> | Pôle informatique - systèmes et réseau

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