[Dovecot] [checkpassword] I can't get a password from fd3

Durk Strooisma durk at kern.nl
Tue Jan 13 14:32:06 EET 2009

>> read -d '\0' -r -u 3
> You are missing the correct syntax to interpret backslash escapes here:
> read -d $'\0' -r -u 3
> will work.

Thanks a lot!! I was indeed missing the $ sign! And it is nicely documented


I never doubted the syntax, because when I didn't provide a delimiter (in
that case read uses a newline), still nothing but the username could be
read, but there is no newline after the username... That made me think there
was something else wrong. So it seems that read always stops reading at a
nul character (and removing any other data) if it cannot find the provided
or default delimiter.


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