[Dovecot] Effects of going read-only on dovecot & pop/imap clients

Mark Zealey Mark.Zealey at webfusion.com
Thu Feb 19 19:10:27 EET 2009

> Are you talking about only POP3 clients? I suppose in theory it should
> be possible, but it's such a special case that I'm not going to bother
> making Dovecot support that. Dovecot really wants to create
> dovecot-uidlist files. But I suppose you could just have it 
> create them
> to some temp directories:
> mail_location = maildir:~/Maildir:CONTROL=/tmp/%u:INDEX=MEMORY

Both IMAP and pop3 - I got the same errors with imap, but thanks to the
CONTROL= parameter that's fixed now.

I get a weird error the first time I log in:

2009-02-19T16:48:14+00:00 mail2 dovecot: POP3(test2 at markandruth.co.uk):
Disconnected: Mailbox is in inconsistent state. bytes=0/56, top=0/0,
retr=0/0, del=0/0, size=0
2009-02-19T16:48:14+00:00 mail2 dovecot: POP3(test2 at markandruth.co.uk):
Couldn't init INBOX: Mailbox was deleted under us

But second login is fine - must be something to do with the CONTROL

> And be sure to use:
> pop3_uidl_format = %f

Out of interest, why do we have to use that uidl format, or are you just
saying we have to use some uidl format? We migrated from courier and so
use "UID%u-%v".

> > Also, has anyone got experience of how clients handle 
> mailboxes being
> > read-only? My guess is that pop clients would probably break and
> > download the same messages over and over?
> If client has configured to leave mail on server it should 
> work, but if
> not it probably breaks.

Hmm, weirdly enough (or perhaps not) dovecot looks successful if I
delete the message (chmod -r):

dele 1
+OK Marked to be deleted.
+OK Logging out, messages deleted.

Do you think IMAP clients would handle the read-only situation better? I
can see that it correctly reports the mailbox as read-only if we chmod
-r files, however if the filesystem itself is mounted read-only, dovecot
reports the mailbox as being read-write (dovecot 1.1.6)



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