[Dovecot] Dovecot auth user lookup patch for maildrop

mr.maX mrmax063 at maxempire.com
Sun Apr 26 01:20:14 EEST 2009


recently I started using maildrop as a MDA doing lightweight filtering in a 
Postfix/Dovecot mail server combo. Only thing missing was the fact that 
maildrop couldn't perform user lookups against a user database that was 
already being served by Dovecot (for smtp auth in Postfix and for imap 
access obviously) in order to easily determinate proper mailbox location and 
home directory of my "virtual" users when delivering e-mails. I wanted to 
avoid having another authentication daemon running (Courier Authlib) that 
would be serving this data to maildrop, so I've spent some time to write an 
extension for maildrop that would allow it to do user lookups directly 
against Dovecot in a similar way how they are done by Dovecot's LDA deliver. 
For everyone that are using maildrop in a similar setup that may be 
interested in this extension, a patch against maildrop version 2.0.4 can be 
downloaded from the following location: 

When this patch is applied, maildrop will be extended with another command 
line option "-t", which can be used to specify the location of Dovecot's 
master auth socket that will be used when performing user lookups. There's a 
readme file (README.dovecotauth) together with patch with a little bit more 
information regarding the use of this extension. I hope that some of you may 
find my modification to maildrop useful.

Best Regards,
Marko Njezic - mr.maX @ MAX Interactive corp.
Personal: http://www.markonjezic.com/
MAX's Empire: http://www.maxempire.com/
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