[Dovecot] v1.1.beta14 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sun Jan 20 15:48:09 EET 2008


School has started since beta13 release and I've been a bit busy with it
and trying to get my sleeping times fixed (0-2h sleep doesn't seem to be
enough). My interest in algorithms has also grown a bit recently. I'm
thinking about majoring in CS / algorithmics (as well as biochemistry /
possibly bioinformatics). This should only be good for Dovecot's
performance in future. :)

Pretty much the same things are in TODO for v1.1.rc1 as there were in
beta13. But there are quite a lot of other changes:

 - Added proxy_maybe setting. If the returned IP/port/user points to
ourself, log in normally. Otherwise proxy to the IP.
 - Added quota_exceeded_message setting for quota plugin. Add it to
plugin {} for global, or protocol lda {} for deliver-only.
 - mysql: default_file and default_group settings (by Luca Longinotti)
 - Timeout handling rewritten using a priority queue (heap). Dovecot
should now be able to handle lots of timeouts quite fast.
 - Using the new timeout changes several places in code have been
changed from iterate-through-objects-in-one-timeout to
timeout-per-object. This means that there are no longer timeouts
triggering every couple of seconds for no reason. dovecot master and
dovecot-auth processes haven't been changed yet.
 - deliver without -d parameter: if $USER and $HOME exists, don't do
getpwuid() lookup.
 - Maildir locking fix
 - Index file performance fixes
 - Don't allow RENAME box box/child. It breaks some clients (which do it
themselves..) and there's really no reason to allow it.
 - Quota warnings were broken
 - Maildir quota didn't use limits from maildirsize if no quota rules
were specified

I'm also thinking about getting rid of the "time moved backwards" error
and change it to a warning. First I'd just need to fix the timeout
handling code to handle time jumps and then verify that all timestamp
comparisons can handle it correctly.

Also besides warning about "time moved backwards" it should warn about
"time moved forwards a lot" where "lot" is probably something like a
minute. That could cause problems with dotlocks just the same as time
moving backwards.
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