[Dovecot] mail server management

Paul A razor at meganet.net
Mon Feb 18 21:28:39 EET 2008

Thanks Fabio, I have looked at it and so far the only issue I see is
converting the Berkley DB hash file to the appropriate mysql table.
I'm hoping there is a script somewhere on the web.


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P.A > Hi Paul,
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P.A > Postfixadmin can do that for you:
P.A > http://sourceforge.net/projects/postfixadmin/
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P.A > Paul A escreveu:
P.A > > Hi, this is sort of off topic but I'm using dovecot with postfix on
P.A > centos 5
P.A > > and I have multiple virtual domains and I want to be able to have
P.A > virtual
P.A > > admin's add/remove mappings/users for their own domains.
P.A > > I have looked around and haven't found many solutions just wondering
P.A > what
P.A > > everyone is using for virtual mail management.
P.A > >
P.A > >
P.A > > TIA, Paul
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