[Dovecot] v1.1.beta16 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sat Feb 16 16:49:48 EET 2008


If all goes well, I'll release v1.1.rc1 in a couple of days. Now's a
good time to start testing v1.1 :)

Changes since beta15:

 - Squat is finally working and supports expunging messages from it.
I've been stress testing it and can't find any problems anymore.
 - Some index/cache crashfixes

TODO for v1.1.0:

 - mbox: We write From_-lines to message bodies unescaped and assume
Content-Length: header allows us to skip over them. This probably worked
in v0.99, but got broken when mbox code was rewritten for v1.0. This
should be fixed somehow.
 - dbox: fsync()ing isn't done for saved messages.
 - maildir: after rename()ing files from tmp/ to new/ we should probably
fsync() the new/ directory.
 - Squat: NFS support. Check/fix a potential locking problem.
 - Lucene: It gives all kinds of locking errors which cause other
problems. Maybe Dovecot should do the locking itself so Lucene never
needs to wait for locks? Has anyone here used Lucene before and knows
about these issues?

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