[Dovecot] Dovecot and fake users

Vytenis Sabaliauskas vytenis.sabaliauskas at gmail.com
Tue Aug 19 10:05:14 EEST 2008

        Hi everyone,

    Our company has decided to make a fake POP3 (and possibly IMAP) 
server, which accepts any user name and password combination and shows 
there are no new messages. This is for the purpose that when our mail 
cluster passes out, we can redirect our clients to this server while  we 
fix our mail system. This way we can prevent our users from getting 
errors. We are using the latest dovecot server with Ubuntu (currently), 
but perhaps will migrate to CentOS (if this is important)

    I am trying to use the following configuration for testing, but it 
doesn't seem to work (don't laugh :) )

  passdb pam {
    args = dovecot

  userdb static {
    args = uid=0 gid=0 home=/var/mail/empty allow_all_users=yes


cat /etc/pam.d/dovecot:

auth required pam_permit.so

I will be very thankful for pointing the way to do this and any thoughts.

P.S. Sorry for my english.


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