[Dovecot] truncated messages / attachments

Markus Stumpf lists-dovecot-users at maexotic.de
Mon Nov 5 19:51:36 EET 2007

I am currently running dovecot-1.1.beta6 (at least beta5 also had the

Retrieving some messages via IMAP gets them truncated and it also happens
with retrieving attachments (message is HTML part of multipart-alternative,
attachments are at least some PDF files).
A user reported she is rather sure one of the messages was ok, before
moving it to some other folder.
In the filesystem the messages are there in full length. It happens with
Outlook as well as with Thunderbird. We're using Maildir.

After upgrading from beta5 to beta6 I have removed all dovecot.index*
files of a folder with a defect message. This didn't make a difference.
(Thought it could be related to some indexing problem).

Any one else seeing this?


Markus Stumpf

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