[Dovecot] troubleshooting new dovecot installation

Kyle Wheeler kyle-dovecot at memoryhole.net
Tue May 8 22:28:15 EEST 2007

On Tuesday, May  8 at 08:02 AM, quoth Ray:
>It seems like your right, as this command does work when I use port 
>143, but the following is a direct copy and paste from
># telnet your.host.org 110
>1 login username password

Ummm... maybe it's changed since you saw it, but that's not what I see 
on that page.

The POP3 protocol (according to RFC 1939) supports only two forms of 
authentication: APOP and the USER/PASS mechanism (like you have 

># telnet localhost 110
>user username
>pass password
>So, I guess the next question becomes how come I can use  
>properly from any host, but a real client reports connection refused.
>(kmail is the main one I've been using)

That's an excellent question. How do you have kmail configured? Can 
you use a packetsniffer to snoop on its conversation with the server?

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