[Dovecot] Postfix & Dovecot LDA

Jochen Schulz jrschulz at well-adjusted.de
Mon Jan 22 17:00:31 UTC 2007


before I start to write a lengthy email about something that isn't
really possible anyway: can I make Postfix use Dovecot's LDA and start
it with different user IDs?

My scenario: Dovecot authenticates users for Postfix and itself using
Postgresql. Mails for two domains should be stored under
/srv/<domain>/<user> (which is the location returned by my user_sql
query and mail_location).

When my clients login (with usernames of the form 'user at domain'),
Dovecot creates/opens the correct mailboxes for them, but I can't get
LDA to deliver to these mailboxes. Whatever I try, I am always running
into some kind of permission problems (either for the mailboxes, or for

I want to use a unique UID for every virtual domain, so I guess LDA
needs to have permissions for every corresponding mailbox *and*
Dovecot's auth_socket_path. Is there a good solution for this which
doesn't involve severe security implications?

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